What do you believe and why?

Dec 02, 2010

 I’ve been slacking big time on posting anything this week because it’s been one of those crazy busy weeks. Today while I was driving and listening to the radio I heard a story about all of the uproar caused by the atheist group that is going to run ads in four transit buses in Fort Worth starting next week.

The ads say “Millions of Americans are Good Without God.” More than anything it made me think “why do they believe what they believe?” At the same time I’ve been reading the Gospels, specifically the things Jesus has said. When I look at a lot of what He says His followers should look like, and when I compare that to how many “Christians” live their lives and their faith, it makes me wonder the same thing, “why do they believe what they believe?” In case of the atheist I wonder because no matter how illogical they try to say following Christ is, believing anything other than that makes no sense to me at all. In the case of the “Christians” that claim to know Him but still do whatever they want, it makes me wonder where they came up with the conclusion that Jesus simply asked us to become casual, complacent Christians and not sold-out disciples.
No matter what you believe, and no matter where you’re reading this (Facebook, Twitter, my blog, or Posterous) I truly want to hear why you believe what you believe.