This past Sunday as I was at church singing during worship a thought popped into my head (I know what you’re thinking, why am I letting thoughts pop into my head when I supposed to be worshiping??) and it made me wonder how many of us actually mean the things we are saying (singing) to God during worship? When we sing things like “every moment I’m awake, every breath that I take, Lord have your way in me” or “take all of me” or you fill in the blanks, when we sing these things do we really mean them or is it just empty worship? C’mon now, let’s be real with each other, telling God to have His way in me every second that I’m awake is a pretty tall order. It’s kinda like saying “Your will be done in my life”, which ironically is what Jesus told us to ask for when we pray to the father. Ask yourself this question, “what is worship to me?” Be honest with yourself, do you really mean what you sing or are you just offering God lip service?